Name                : Mayuri Nakhava

Age                 : 17 years

Education     : 12th Appearing

Address           : Alibaugh- Koliwada, Dist. Raigad

Case filed for : Missing case at Alibaugh Police station.

Dated 16/10/2012 the case was referred by Police inspector Mr. Bhosle for Counselling at our centre, our counsellor Mrs. Manisha Gaikwad handle this case , this was basically Missing case, after some police findings Miss. Mayuri Nakhva (Missing girl) who was run with her boyfriend  and find at house of sister of boy at Kandivali and police had brought both of them at Alibaugh, and referred that case for counselling.

In this case Girl was not physically mature to get marriage with the boy so that Parents had opposed for to get marry with the boy, also boy don’t have any Job for survival, also he is from different caste and loving each other only since 4 months so that parents opposed for the marriage, so that Parents of the girl approached the Police and tried to solve the case.

After reading all the case one finding came out they both attracted each other only for physical attraction, after seating near about 4 times with both of them, counselled Individually and together told and counselled  them about future problems of their life in this case, convinced from all the side told them all truth and facts.

In the last session both were agreed that they will not meet each other , Miss Mayuri will fill the 12th examination for and will complete the education, and suggested to boy for to join any Job for earn something for to settle his life, both were realised about their mistakes and promised for their further development, like wise this case was successfully solved by our counsellor so that Police department and Parents also provided thanks to counsellor and SAPREM organisation .


  • 1 Male Counsellor (MSW)
  • 1 Female Counsellor (MSW)
  • 157 cases benefited by the centre, since the beginning.
  • 4 Training programme attended by the both counsellors.


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