1. To undertake formal and informal educational projects for educational development of the society.

2. To undertake various projects for the development of socially, economically and educationally weak sections

3. To provide health education for improvement in health standards of each section of the society and also provide facilities to maintain general good health.

4. “Water is life” thus providing safe water so that drinkable water is available to the society; also to create awareness and ensure that the available water does not get contaminated and create facilities of cleanliness in surroundings e.g. individual toilet, construction of drainage etc.

5. To undertake constructive projects for the developments of unorganized labourers.

6. To create public awareness so that women and children get an equal status in the society and also run special programmes for their development.

7. To provide information to society about social, economical and educational government schemes and also law related schemes and create facilities so that they can avail the schemes.

8. To execute various professional, personal development and health oriented training programmes.

9. To undertake rural and urban ‘alternative developmental’ programmes.

10. To organize tribal and backward people, create public opinion against discrimination on the basis of caste and creed and to ensure that they will continuously avail all the human rights provided by Indian constitution.

11. To involve people participation when any program for societal development (e.g.: social, economical) is executed.

12. ‘Social Research’ is a means to bring about development of the society. Therefore encourage social research to every program and project.

13. To maintain contacts with individuals, organization, educational institutions and community based organization (CBO’s) involved in social development and also strive to bring them together by which different individuals and organizations can be united and steps towards “Integrated Development” will be taken.

14. To work towards putting an end to juvenile crime by organizing such programmes and also organizes programmes for rehabilitating juvenile criminals and adult criminals and also helps governmental and non-governmental organization in this aspect.

15. To create social system for eradication of superstition, misbelieve and bad behaviour from the society.

16. To abolish myths and misunderstanding about mental illness and create awareness among the people affected by this illness.