The Need:
SAPREM is working at the grassroots level towards building healthy communities which would meet the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals as well as contribute to poverty reduction. There are ongoing initiatives in several areas of healthcare, with a focus on mother and child care and eye care, HIV/AIDS awareness. In partnership with other agencies, we organize free health camps, pediatric, gynecological and laboratory facilities, and free eye checkup camps and cataract surgeries and intraocular lens implants.

We also conduct awareness drives on childcare, blood donation, sanitation, dental hygiene, provision for safe drinking water and Dot’s treatment.
Health, Social Awareness, and Nutrition:

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Health, social awareness, and nutrition are three of the most critical components of the work we do. Every individual who attends one of our programmes has access to health care, medical treatment, educational opportunities, and nutritious food. We feed over 850 children everyday. We also strive to tackle important social issues that affect the lives of those we serve. These issues include discrimination, the status of women, and the social inclusion of minority groups.

In the area of healthcare, we facilitate camps through the year to raise awareness of diseases such as malaria, HIV/ AIDS & STD’s and tuberculosis. This helps combat the stigma that accompanies some of these illnesses. We provide treatment for those in need, along with education on prevention and infection control. We also promote the importance of basic eye care and skin care. Our aim is to provide preventative guidance and promote early detection of illnesses, as well as to raise funds and work in partnership with health professionals to ensure that all individuals have access to appropriate care.

We also recognize the importance of managing mental health. Many of our beneficiaries have had a difficult experience in their past, which, if left unsupported, could have a negative impact on their future development. To promote emotional wellbeing, we provide access to counseling services. In addition to such sessions, we also provide a range of social activities for participants in our various programmes. This further encourage mental and emotional health.