Some of the health camps held over the past year, include:

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Eye Camp:
SAPREM conducted eye check-up camps for to provide the free eye scaning for low vision and other eye problems of beneficiaries at Powai, Sangharsh nagar and Marolpipline area the total 1919 nos. of benefisheries registered for the camp and taken advantages for different problems, from October 2010 to November 2012, 16 Peoples underwent a cataract operation. Thereafter, their vision has improved, and 651 spectacles were distributed through out these detected and scanning by camps at community eye.

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General Health Camp:
This camp was held in December-2012 on occasion of “World Aids Day” collaboration with Mumbai smiles foundation and Larsen and Toubro (L&T), large number over 158 people attended the Camp and got the primary health Check up. Dr. Badani-examined the patients and provided the free medicines and done counseling about the spread and prevention of disease.

Scope: Awareness, Training, Provision and Preventive health care service

Pulse Polio Vaccination Camp:

Objectives:The overall objective of the Programme on Immunization (EPI) is reduction of mortality and morbidity from the EPI diseases by offering immunization services

The expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) is a disease prevention activity aiming at reducing illness, disability and mortality from childhood diseases preventable by immunization. These diseases are referred as EPI target diseases and cause millions of ailments, disabilities & deaths each year.

People who have abortive polio or nonparalytic polio usually make a full recovery. However, paralytic polio, as its name implies, causes muscle paralysis and can even result in death

In paralytic polio, the virus leaves the intestinal tract and enters the bloodstream, attacking the nerves (in abortive or asymptomatic polio, the virus usually doesn’t get past the intestinal tract). The virus may affect the nerves governing the muscles in the limbs and the muscles necessary for breathing, causing respiratory difficulty and paralysis of the arms and legs.

Since 15 years, the Pulse Polio Vaccination camps are organized in collaboration with Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC) at the SAPREM’s head office premises.