Adivasi Pada’s visit by Trustees and Director:

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Millennium Development Goals:
Ninety percent of the world’s blind live in developing countries, unable to access or afford eye health care. For them, blindness brings an inescapable cycle of disability and extreme poverty – hunger, malnutrition and limited access to health, education, water and sanitation.

Eye is one of the important parts of the human body. The main function of the eye is to look at the world, realities how the world is beautiful by the natural sources as well as artificial sources men made. Eyes play a pivotal role in the life of the human being. Since the opening of the eyes of new born child he looks at the world and in the passage of time as he grows his perceptions towards all things surrounding him changes very fast. Human being passes from the different phases of life and he looks at the world with his own perception only because of the eyes. Now can we think to see world without eyes. If one tries he supposed to face many problems, where he himself can feel weak somewhere.

Problem Identification:
Blinds don’t have their own houses as they are immigrated from outside. All blinds are self employed as they sell cutlery in Local Railways and on Railway stations.  Their earning is less and hence not affording for their own house. School fees and donation to school is also another problem. It’s very difficult them to locate their house as it is too far from the Railway station and roads are not proper in place. Health facilities are provided by Dr. Sunil Salunkhe’s Swapnali Lokmitra Sanstha.

Programme Plans:
SAPREM Organization is planning a residential complex for them on a land at one stretch which will accommodate all 100 households and provide minimum facilities such as:

  • Community Centre/Meditation Centre
  • Recreational Facilities for children
  • Garden, Training Hall, Income Generation Zone, School for their children
  • Crèche,  Market Place/Shopping Centre
  • Health Centre
  • Entertainment Center and more can be planned for the concept “Vision Village”.