Purvi’s Success story:


I Mrs. Milan Balkrushna Bhabal the teacher of Ms. Purvi Ranpawara, 4 years old, when she admitted in the SAPREM’s Bring a Smiles M.R. School, in the beginning her Eye contact was not constant, She was toilet tinning, her fine motors and gross motors was not developed, she don’t had balance in her body, also her speech was not good but she was knows her name if somebody called her she replies and also she understand others conversations, when she admitted in the school in first 15 minutes she used to cry nonstop and after some time she keep quiet, this activity she had up to 10 days, before I started therapy I discussed with my colleague Teacher Mrs. Amruta Chaudhari about the different therapy, after discussion I started to teach Colour blocks, colour balls, because of her eye contacts was not good so she observe anything by cross eye view , then I started to develop her eye contacts better way, also her weight was more as compare to her age for that I started to reduce her weight through weight reduce therapy i.e. Ball therapy, Tripoling therapy, I observed one skill in Purvi that is Imitation skill because of that skill we observe good difference within 3 Months,

And after two year I and Her Parents observed Much development in Purvi in terms of eye contacts, Balancing, fine Motor, gross Motor ,also she started walking without any support, she started to go toilet without anybody support, she use to remove her pant when toilet time and wear without support , hand wash, remove her floaters and wear herself, she recognise Apple, red colour etc., now her parents is very happy to see much development in their child, they given many thanks to both the teacher and all the staff of the SAPREM’s Bring a Smiles  M.R. school…..