“Bring a Smile School, Birwadi”, Tal. Shahapur, Dist Thane


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English Medium School facility would be nearer to their hutments and even Tribal’s and marginalized population children would be enrolled.

Nearly one billion people alive today. One in every six human beings stays in the Rural Villages, and that number is likely to double in the next thirty years, according to UN-HABITAT’s.
Household surveys in rural areas rarely examined children’s educational deprivation and female education in the villages is a serious issue. As a result, the disparity in the rural areas in terms of education is under-researched.

Much education research shows that education deprivation is caused not merely by poverty, but also by related factors. In the case of India, these factors might be closely related to gender, caste, labour market opportunities, the quality of learning and facilities in schools.
In one of the household survey in rural areas shows that only just over half the children are in school. It also shows that a high over-age and dropout ratio exists among these children. Over-age is often the outcome of late admission to school. Late admission is caused both by demand side (migration to urban areas) and by supply side (lack of school capacity for all children, a short period of admission, requirement of birth certificate etc.). Economic problems were one of the main reasons why children did not attend school in the rural area.

Parents and villagers are very happy for having the English medium school with all amenities and trained staff and management in their village, Birwadi, Taluka Shahapur Dist. Thane

In this first year there were 35 children’s enrolled in the school.
20 children’s enrolled in Nursery English medium
15 Children’s enrolled in Play group English medium
1-Clerk cum accountant
1-Head Master

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