Slum Improvement project (SIP):

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Project Goal:
To empower women by imparting them skills to gain meaningful employment and self employment thus alleviating the gender disparities prevailing in the society, goal would be achieved by improving the quality of life of these urban slum population by facilitating health, water and sanitation commodities of Darukhana slum within the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) E-Ward, Mumbai.

High population density, low healthy awareness and poor water, sanitation and hygiene practices identified during the base line survey in slum pockets of E-Ward due to their being no Municipal services.

Targeted Population:

  • A Population of Approximately 4500 individuals in 3 slum pockets of Darukhana area
  • Male population is 1.6 times more than the female population.
  • 22 percent of the entire population is illiterate
  • 35.6 percent of the working population are involved In ship cutting and 20.6 percent are semi-skilled workers.
  • Approximately 42 percent females are housewives.

Problem Identified:

  • Women are unemployed and their human hours resources are being wasted.
  • Communicable Diseases like TB, Jaundice, Cholera, Diarrhea and other Vector borne diseases are prone to this jurisdiction.
  • Reproductive Child Health (RCH)-safe motherhood, new born baby care, breastfeeding practices, immunization need to be focused
  • Sensitization and proper installation of Environment Sanitation and Water-Safe hygiene practices
  • Solid waste Management and employment need to be interlinked.

Vocational gain objectives:

  • To form the Self Help Groups (SHGs) of the women and motivate them to become a member of SHG which would give them the solutions to every small financial help and these women would not borrow the money from the Savkar/Money lenders.
  • To impart marketable tangible skills to 450 underprivileged women per annum through short term modular courses leading to their financial independence alleviating the gender disparities prevalent in society.
  • To complete the tailoring and beauty parlor courses of 110 women who are enrolled in the year January, 2014.
  • To link the aspiring women entrepreneurs to non banking financial institutions like MFI’s (Micro Finance Institutions).
  • To develop linkages with industries and companies for placing the skilled women workforce
  • To develop networks with like-minded CBO/NGO’s and corporate.

Community Health gain objectives:

  • To strengthen the Slum area that residents in these pockets through awareness and prevention of various communicable and vector diseases by promoting preventive health behavior practices through Information Education and Communication as well as Behavior Change Communication.
  • To make mothers sensitize and inculcate the behavior for Safe Motherhood behavior and also provide the care to her new borne baby- RCH,ANC and Peri-Natal Care practices.
  • To Engage the community as well as key stakeholders in civic responsibility through formation of Peer-led groups as well as linkages with local CBOs for long term sustainability.