Success stories:-

Name of the beneficiary     :       Noorjahan khan

Age                                           :         30

Educational qualification :       8th Std

Family details:
She lives with her husband and three children, two sons and a daughter. Her husband’s job is bangle making and the monthly income is Rs 6000 only.

Social condition:
Noorjahan belongs to Muslim religion; her native place is Utter Pradesh, After marriage she lives at Dharukhana, Mumbai. Their house situated in a very dirty, unhygienic area So that there is a probability to attack many diseases like TB, jaundice, Cholera, diahorriea etc…


Financial condition:-Very poor.
The only source of income of the family is from husband’s job. It is not a regular work and depend on the daily sale of products .Some days he could not sale his products. This income is not enough to meet their daily necessities, So that she joined the vocational training providing by SAPREM. The condition of her staying house is very worse and it has only one room which used to their all daily purposes like cooking, bathing, sleeping etc. There is no sanitation facility or separate toilet.

Emotional problems:
She having many emotional problems and very sensitive to each problem in her life. She always fears to face anything in her life.

She interested to study tailoring so that she joined vocational training of Mazgaon dock Limited CSR funded and Implementing by SAPREM. It helped to improve her skill in tailoring. She bought a second hand tailoring machine. Then she started tailoring work and earning income from it, almost 2000 Rs per month, Previously she could not go outside for doing something for their family. She always depends on her husband for taking decisions in her life. But now she able to take decision and became self dependent up to an extent. She was able to solve their problems.
Name of the beneficiary     :       Nigar shahabdin khan

Age                                           :       27 years old

Educational qualification :       1st Std.

Family details
Nigar shahabudin having two children & her husband working as shoe polisher. They live in a small house in Dharukhana. Their monthly income is only nearly 1000 Rs. Her husband income is the main source of the income of the family. But it is not enough to meet their daily necessities.

Social condition
Nigar shahabudin living in dharukhana which is mainly belongs to a Muslim area. As a   Muslim she facing many problem related with the religion, because she lived in a rigid social system, there the women likes to depend their husband in any matters. There are many rigid rules for women. It is very difficult to coming to the main stream of the society because of this condition.


Economic condition
Nigar shahabudin staying in a rented house. Which is having only one room. It is very narrow one and using for all the purposes like cooking, washing, bathing etc. There is no sanitation facility for the family. They got only thousand Rs as monthly income. But it is not enough to their day today activities and for their activities like health and education of their children. So Shahabudin interested to study vocational course.

After, she joined the vocational course organized by SAPREM there is a change in their life. The program   helped the women to come forward to the society. She started to earnings from tailoring. Now she is trying to solve her problem in extend. She also try control her emotions and feelings. She also motivates other women to come forward. She could improve her quality of life and she could involve in the decision making process of the family.

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